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  • Shanna Donhauser

Developmental Screening: ASQ and ASQ-SE

Many pediatricians and providers use developmental screens as part of their Wellness Checks. Some use a formal screen, others ask questions and then decide on formal screens based on the answers to those questions. This post is about a specific developmental screen: The Ages and Stages Questionnaire.

There are two versions of the Ages and Stages Questionnaire (ASQ). A developmental screen that monitors many different domains of functioning from motor skills, communication, and inter-relational skills (ASQ), and a developmental screen that is specific to Social/Emotional learning and skills (ASQ-SE).

At Happy Nest we use both versions of the Ages and Stages Questionnaire for children 3months old to 5 years. This parent completed screen helps both parent and provider monitor developmental growth. Many parents also learn what is typical or to be expected from their developing small child. They can also learn which activities can help support and enhance the development of their child through the screen and through the helpful activities provided by the ASQ creators.

Different versions of the ASQ exist and can be found online. While this is a parent-completed screen, it is always helpful and recommended that you consult with your primary care provider about any questions or concerns you have about your child's development.

Developmental screens are extremely helpful in orienting parents to the typical development of small children and in directing parents and providers to necessary early intervention. Developmental screens are also a fun opportunity for children to test their different capacities. Parents learn how to best support and encourage their children's abilities as they are learning new developmental skills.

Stay tuned for an upcoming video showing how to complete the ASQ!

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